Please join us at 11am online through Zoom or in-person, as gather together in the shade of the playground to continue discussing how to apply and live out our faith together by engaging these Essential Conversations. The topic is a continuance of the sermon message.

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At Faith Community, we value authentic discipleship, fellowship, and growing together as a family of Christ...

Adult Bible Studies in English

Matthew Mondays - Leader: Andrew Soria

Matthew Mondays is an advanced Bible study that looks at the Gospel of Matthew from literary, historical, and theological perspectives. We meet Mondays from 6.30-8pm.  The Zoom link is https://zoom.us/j/91201489753?pwd=L2JuRlRTOHpFQTB2R3AvdVZxSVBiQT09

The Basics - Leader: Pastor Jason McEachran

The Basics is for both new and seasoned believers that desire to study the overarching "Story of God." The goal is to further equip us as followers of Jesus through reading, interpreting, and applying Scripture into our day to day life. We meet Wednesday from 7-8pm. The Zoom link is https://zoom.us/j/94313016732

Estudio Biblico en Espanol

Esenciales Nazarenos - Lider: Pastor Jorge Alcala

INTRODUCCIÓN: Las Palabras Textuales de Pineas Brezee El 1er Superintendente General de Las iglesias Nazareno, describió La importancia de La iglesia de Cristo sobre La faz de La Tierra con las siguientes palabras !
Pineas Brezze dijo en su Declaración:
La iglesia de Cristo se Reúne, Enseña, Adora en Unidad, pero todo esto es para ayudar a los individuos a llegar a La Semejanza de Cristo...
1) SE REÚNE( Somos llamados a Congregarnos Hebreos 10:25)
2) ENSEÑA ( El discipulado intencional ha sido siempre parte fundamental De la Iglesia
del Nazareno... Mateo 28:19-20
3) ADORA (La Adoración debe ser acompañada de Conocimiento, El Cual Enriquese el Corazón del Creyente..) Recuerda que cuando Oras buscas a Dios...pero, usando Adoras Dios te busca a ti! S. Juan 4:22-23
4) EN UNIDAD (Salmo 133 - La Unidad es Una Señal in equivoca de La Madures
Espiritual y de que ha vencido La Rebeldía de La Carne!

Miercoles 6:30pm a 7:30pm

Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/94171058114

y Facebook live a https://www.facebook.com/FaithCommunityChurchOfTheNazareneClovisCa


Children Bible Studies in English and Spanish

Children Ministry Leader – Daisy Pineda

Nursery ages 1-5yrs are engaging in the online Seesaw Class Journal App. Children express themself by posting activities, such as drawing, pictures, videos; available to do any time during the day. Teacher post 3 new activities each week which includes a book reading of the week, coloring activity, and biblical lesson.

Children 5-11 years old are engaging in the Flipgrid App. It is a platform for children to share a short video response based on the teacher's post of the week. Teachers posts include a biblical theme, prayer request, and an engagement theme of the week. Children will also soon have access Seesaw  Class Journal App.

Please visit our faithnaz.org website under the Events Tab, we currently have the links on the Calendar that guide you to our online Children's Ministry engagements. Please feel free to contact me ( Daisy Pineda -Children Ministry Director) if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or would like for your children to participate, email me at daisypineda@faithnaz.org or call me @ (559) 281- 6128

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Children's Ministry Activities

Ages 1-5 Seesaw Class Journal App

Ages 5-11 Flipgrid App

Friday Night Worship in Spanish

Fridays at 7 PM

Wednesday Night Activities

For all ages!

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Adult Bible Studies

Mondays  6:30-8PM: Matthew Mondays

Wednesday 7-8PM: The Basics

Miercoles 630-8PM: Estudio Biblico